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Tempur-Pedic Reviews

We design every Tempur-Pedic mattress to deliver your best night's sleep, and we're confident you'll love yours too. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Read these Tempur-Pedic reviews and discover what actual owners think about their TEMPUR products.

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"In 1998, my chiropractor suggested I get a Tempur-Pedic pillow for my neck problems. When I laid down on a bed to "try" the pillow, I realized the bed was gently shifting. When I found out the bed was made of the same amazing material as the pillow, I immediately bought the pillow AND bed. That nite, I slept the first time on the pillow only (since the bed had to be delivered later). The next morning, I woke up from the first refreshing sleep in 20 years! Sleeping on the bed is why I am functional living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. While others "can't sleep" with these conditions, further deteriorating their health nite by nite, my Tempur-Pedic, together with some breath and relaxation, gives me a rejuvenating sleep every nite. While I have replaced the pillow every few years, my bed looks and feels good as new and still has another 10 official good years, and probably more than that unofficially. Since conventional beds should be discarded every 5-7 years, my Tempur-Pedic has been my best sleep health investment ever!"

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"This is my first tempurpedic bed that i bought, i also bought two of the tempur traditional pillows as well. I must say that first nights sleep it was different compared to my normal spring beds. I found that difference a little difficult to get use to. But after the first night the other nights that followed felt a lot better once i got use to the feeling of memory foam."

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"At 51 yrs old and having gone through possibly 100 different pillows in my life so far,this is the only pillow I will buy for a second time. It stays where I put it for comfort. It breathes and is cool even in the summer. I have never been so pleased with a pillow before, I am a side sleeper and it gives amazing support for my neck. Even if I happen to roll on my back, the pillow automatically and magically adjusts to my new position. Pillow is a little pricey but if it lasts the full warranty period, it will still be less expensive than replacing another pillow every 6 months. HIGHLY recommended to anyone that has had trouble finding a great pillow. With one exception... the person that likes a flat or no pillow at all. This is my opinion on this great pillow and if you don't believe me, you can ask me. "

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"I really enjoy my sleep on my Cloud mattress. The only negative thing i can say about the mattress is that i have to get out of it to go to work!!! I go to bed earlier since I purchased my mattress to enjoy it that much longer in a nights rest!! I love it and recommend it!!! It's worth investing in a good mattress. It worth investing in a Tempur matress!!!"

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"I was skeptical but heard so many amazing reviews from friends I couldn't ignore it. After a week sleeping on the bed I almost returned this but was convinced to give it 60 days. Once my body adjusted to it I LOVED IT. And it did take almost 60 days. It is incredible. I have back problems and could only sleep on my side. Now I can sleep on side or back. Best sleep ever."

MONA Saint-Laurent, QC
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"I bought the cloud luxe and I love it. It took me sometime to get used to it but I love it.. I have fibromyalgia and many other issues and it is like sleeping on a cloud.. thank you for this wonderful bed. I am telling everyone about it. "

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"My Husband and I purchased our Tempur-Pedic (Signature Contour) Mattress in May of this year. We have been very pleased with the purchase. Although we were advised that we would perhaps need about a month to adjust to the mattress, we did not find this. We immediately found the mattress comfortable and that it helped ease aches and pains. We don't know why we waited so long! We also enjoy the tempur comfort pillows and find we cannot sleep without them. Recently we were at our cottage for a few weeks and found we didn't sleep as well …despite the relaxing surroundings by the water. It was so nice to come home to our bed:) We have referred some friends to try Tempur-Pedic and they also have been pleased. The store where we bought our mattress (For Sleeps Sake) were great to deal with….they were knowledgeable and encouraged us to take our time and try each mattress for a good 20 minutes each. We knew we had to get the mattress when we almost fell asleep in the store! We are very happy with the mattress and will recommend Tempur-Pedic to other friends!"

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Reviews
“When we got this bed, I learned that you can actually sleep through the night.”
- Johnathan & Jamie S.
“Unbelievable as it may seem to those who haven't tried one, even a good-quality down pillow is less comfortable than a TEMPUR. A few weeks ago, we had guests at our home for several days; both guests who used the pillows later asked how they could buy one for themselves – which I think spoke very well for TEMPUR. Congratulations to you all for making something that's probably the best of its type in the world!”
Alex Tilley
Tilley Endurables - Don Mills, ON
“This is simply the BEST bed on Earth! I could not sleep at all after my accident. My first night in the TEMPUR bed was FANTASTIC! I slept through the whole night for the first time in over 8 months and 7 different beds. Thank you very much for helping get me off of pain pills!”
Robert Conway
St.Johns, Newfoundland

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